Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

Starts Of Dreams

On the way to graduate lecture room, I stared at the lush green trees like Alstonia sholaris, Carica papaya, Cocus nucifera about 15 meters tall and beautiful birdsong in the morning. I went through other departments. The distance from the campus kosanku only about fifteen minutes. Alhamdulillah not so much that I did not rush to enter the lecture room on the third floor.

Monday is the day that make me because the spirit of this day I can meet a father of professors, lecturers, researchers, consultants, who guide us all, he was professor of Fateta IPB. Each of his words convey useful knowledge and make us all motivated. I also very interest, with a personality as he explained, and he also lectured on their religious, then we are all speechless listen to the charm of his experience. There is which made us astonished, as he explained in between lectures research methodology, he gave the motivation to vigorously he says be beneficial to the nation's children, many thanks, the knowledge that you get do not forget to resume practicing in order to be useful, must not be arrogant, self-discipline will work,humble, many tried, and much curiosity is high, so give us a lot of usefulness.

Before he came to the college campus or provide the material to us, he used to go to the mosque to attend the study of Islam in the realm of Islam very increse after dawn prayers at about the environment. He figures that I like is humbble, many of his insights, experience, guiding pokonya really like the father and son.

He gives his experience abroad during college, a lot of work experience, organizational experience as well, the experience of his family, and others quite a lot of lessons that I got from the figure of him. His full name is Prof. Dr.Ir. Endang Gumbira Sa'id, MADev. A familiar name that is often called the Pak Egum. He was born in Subang, May 21, 1955. I am so grateful to meet directly with him and share. He holds a PhD in chemical engineering (1992) from University of Queensland, Australia and the master Master of Agricultural Development (1983) State University of Ghent, Belgium. He now gets amanahnya as chairman MAKSI (Perkelapa sawitan Indonesia Society).

So a bit of my experience in college with great professors extraordinary achievements he will get. I hope can motivate and beneficial for all.

IPB Campus Dramaga, March 21, 2012
Ririn Rahayu. The author is grateful to all the blessings that Allah gave so much. Here the author to gain experience and new knowledge is infinite, may Allah always give me the strength to seek knowledge because all I did to get ridhoNya. Thank you All that has given me support and prayer.

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