Minggu, 09 Desember 2012

Journey to Houses Lecturer

Around three o'clock before dawn with cold air. I woke up then expect Him to be with me as we go along so that activity in the morning Saturday, December 8, 2012 to facilitate all my plans. Thank God all went well when the agenda has been compiled neatly in my daily note. Dated December 8, 2012 is my promise and my friend Echa to meet lecturers, happened to both of us with his guidance. We previously discussed on Friday at the Department of Industrial Technology Campus IPB but he asked us to meet him again at the residence of his home, although Saturday and Sunday is a holiday schedule him but he remained loyal to provide further guidance to us. She has always had a passion for guiding us. May Allah ease me when I became a teacher later. Aamiin Ya Robbal'alamin J and he is my inspiration because he always gives motivation to the students during learning takes place in the lecture hall.

Further yahh story. The morning before dawn I read a reference journal articles, which God willing will be the topic of my research later on Bioenergy. Then I tried to compose scientific words in three pieces, but I found it difficult. Which is to be discussed, what purpose, how rich methodology, the confusion I always beristigfar that Allah makes it easy. Writing is not as easy imiah work diary yahh man? Until five o'clock in the morning I was still confused do not know what I should write. And I and Echa appointments in the college near his home Dramaga BNI around nine. But I have not found the right ideas for my writing. And hopeles sadness that I felt. My mind does not focus lagi. But I might meet him in his bare hands not there something later examined by him. At the dawn of time al-matsurat I read, thank Allah also find ideas of what I wrote. Around eight finishes, while not perfect, but still can write. Alhamdulillah actually the spirit again is the belief in ourselves that we are capable and have prinsip. My principle is to try to be better than nothing, although the results have not come close to what was expected. About eight hours over ten minutes I reached the campus in the cafeteria and in the cafeteria waiting Echa. Suddenly Echa voice messages to and told me that he was on the way campus.

While waiting Echa, in the cafeteria Yellow and my busy friend just texted to say hello, thank Allah SWT, my family and friends the news was all good. There is no ten minutes Echa've come on campus with a red jazznya. Thank Allah that morning trip congestion does not occur smoothly. Tau own comrades if you live in Bogor have to be patient, anywhere and at any destination we definitely stuck in traffic. Hiks.hiks. Though the city of Bogor is one of my dreams since before my first lecture.

Along the way we enjoy the beautiful scenery all around IPB, such as lecture building near girls hostel was already there and the new building is almost finished. That first long run IPB wooded trees in IPB to be reduced. But still IPB always is the best for me, with the motto "Searching and Serving the Best. Hehe. Along the way to our mutual home Papih discussion about research, wahhh heavy conversation.

Around ten o'clock we had reached home residence lecturers from the front when we go in elite complex of  Taman Yasmin complex around it, but the actual home of my professors were not in a completely region, he is close to home residents. When the bell rang and greetings. I think children who opens the door, she turns the opening and Pak Egum anaknya pun come over to us, smiling. Virgi glad I could meet again. Virgi figure a smart, active, friendly and handsome. Then I also had a chance to steal the picture while he was playing with Osha. After the discussion we had at lunch invite, wahh subhanallah favors one chance I had breakfast this morning because of the pursuit of three pages earlier oya I also told him to the library looking for a book about mikrobiology, huftt I hate the books are thick and English language but what could I do I have to learn it. Saturday fun.

 Bogor, December 9, 2012

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