Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

I'm Thankful

So many countless favors which Allah give to me until this moment I feel it, thank Allah SWT I'm always bersyukur padaMu. I beg do not leave me when I'm happy and sad. May I always be a person who continues to celebrate on your gift. Thank you to my parents who once loved me since I was a kid, though now Mamah unaccompanied again because she had left me. Ya Allah please give me strength to face all this. Hopefully with patience and keilkhlasan make me survive. I miss You Mamah. Papahku were so calm and always be the best motivator. All the advice and words membangkitkanku to keep the spirit and not leave Allah SWT. Although sometimes I like to let him down, but Papahku always patient with me. I'm sorry Papah. I love you cause Allah. Kedua adiku, always smiling, crowded, and hopefully kamu bisa menjadi anak yang berbakti sama orangtua dan gadis yang soliha, aamiin then "continue to pursue their dreams and ambition". Te2h always proud memiliki adik sepertimu, sometimes you're like annoying too. Hiks..hiks. But te2h always love you. Do not ever stop doing good for other people and be useful for about, that you and around you happy. Thank you also for close relatives and Papah Mamah, who always support what I do, and always attentive, though not often enough to always motivate me directly but still thankful to have a good and caring brother. Companions of the circle tarbiyah which always brings laughter, jokes, sad and cheerful. Honestly I'm happy to know you, hopefully we tied up to ukhuwah until syurgaNya.

My best friend in the LDK, TRAS, KAMMI. Family means to me so akdemik environment that made me grow up and excel. Companions in Himagron, BEM Faperta. Praise be to know the character of different people, I was able to get to know their characters.

I have saudara baru in Bogor: 

New best friend in halaqoh.
New friends in the neighborhood and surrounding boarding
New best friend and comrade S2,
Dosen yang OK, great and pokonya could take me up to now with the science-knowledge.

I hope I can make them happy all J

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